…watch this video too.

Don’t be a dingbat.

Meursault at the caves last year may have been one of my favourite gigs. His voice is amazing.

Although, I thoroughly enjoy the drumming on the back of the car seat in this video.

The version of Crank Resolutions on the Cold Seeds album is also stunnin’.


holy shit this dress

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Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
Sarabande, Spring/Summer 2007
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø 

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looks familiar

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A three-year-old chimpanzee named Ham sits in the biopack couch for the MR-2 suborbital test flight.

On January 31, 1961, a Mercury-Redstone launch from Cape Canaveral carried the chimpanzee “Ham” over 640 kilometers down range in an arching trajectory that reached a peak of 254 kilometers above the Earth. The mission was successful and Ham performed his lever-pulling task well in response to the flashing light.

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I love this!

For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love

Carl Sagan

Some bedtime (Scottish) music.

If you do not listen (ergo like) then you are an idiot.